Lancet Psychiatry States 10 Million Boost In Marijuana Cigarette Smokers

a brand new research by the UK-based medical log The Lancet Psychiatry has discovered that about 10 million more Americans are now actually marijuana that is smoking to 12 years back.

Up against the backdrop of at the very least five US states – including California – readying by themselves for a vote on whether or not to ever legalize cannabis for leisure usage, the Uk medical log The Lancet Psychiatry has posted a report which has suggested an attitude that is shifting cannabis usage throughout the decade that is last.

Making use of data from 596,500 grownups surveyed between 2002 and 2014 for the United States Nationwide Survey on Drug utilize and wellness, the scholarly study attained its summary that 10 million a lot more people are smoking cannabis in america than ended up being the situation 12 years back.

Lancet Psychiatry’s Key Findings

So just how did the research’s authors arrive in the 10 million figure?

Well, among the study’s key findings had been that, between 2002 and 2014, the percentage of US grownups who admitted to smoking cannabis at minimum when in the last year expanded from 10.4per cent to 13.3%.