The dialectics for the procedure of knowledge is based on the contradiction amongst the limits of y our knowledge therefore the complexity that is unlimited of the target meaning of human being knowledge, the necessity for battle of ideas, enabling through logical proofs and examination that is practical make clear the facts.

Learning the dilemma of truth and false

The situation of truth has long been the core regarding the concept of real information. Aristotle provided a definition that is classical of: ” the fact is the communication of y our familiarity with reality”.

Contemporary theory of real information specifies the old-fashioned idea of truth through the connection that is dialectical of:

– objective truth – understanding of truth that will not be determined by man;

– general truth – knowledge, which in theory precisely, but incompletely reflects reality;

– absolute truth – knowledge that is exactly the same as its topic and that is maybe not refuted by the further growth of knowledge and training.

Knowledge is a perfect reproduction in the language of this general representations concerning the regular connections of this objective globe. The functions of real information certainly are a synthesis of discrete tips in regards to the laws and regulations of nature, culture and reasoning and conservation when you look at the general representations of most that may be sent being a basis for practical action.